EU- Modex Italy 2022: ATM hosted the international exercise organised in Milan

EU- Modex Italy 2022

July 11, 2022

From 8th to 10th July, ATM hosted the Eu-Modex Italy 2022, aimed at testing the preparedness and response capacities of the forces involved within the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

The company contributed towards building a rather challenging and realistic scenario that included the simulation of a tunnel collapse due to an aircraft accident, people stuck in a metro train waiting to be saved and other possible crisis situations.

The international exercise was organised in Milan by the National Civil Protection Department and saw the participation of several actors: two European USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) teams from France and Romania, an Italian USAR team from Tuscany, the Firefighter Regional Direction of Lombardy, the Municipality of Milan, the Milan Prefecture and the Milan Police Headquarters.

From the very beginning ATM worked shoulder to shoulder with the authorities, making available a metro train, a wide area in its San Donato depot, including test tracks, and involving the employees as extras during the exercise.

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