Milan gets top score in public transport

Milan gets top score in public transport

According to the 2023 report Quality of life in European cities - carried out by the European Commission with the contribution of the Italian national statistics Institute -, Milan is the Italian excellence as regards public transport.

The survey shows in fact that 81,9% of citizens are satisfied with the urban transport service delivered by ATM Group, the highest percentage among Italian cities.

Such a result confirms that ATM’s commitment to providing sustainable mobility is acknowledged and highly appreciated. Over 70% of vehicles use energy from renewable sources only and a Full Electric plan is in force to convert the entire bus fleet to electric. Today 250 e-buses are in operation that will increase to 280 within the summer, then to 600 in 2026 and finally to 1,200 by 2030.

Watch our campaign on our commitment towards a zero-emission transport system: Dedicated to those who love Milan.

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