Urban transformation

Our commitment is to contribute to reach a zero emissions territory. We have been pioneering sustainable mobility and have been actively working with the Milan Administration to achieve a fully sustainable development, with more green spaces and better air quality.

Among our projects:

  • A brand-new depot for e-buses in the city: 20,000 square metres underground and totally accessible green areas and sports fields above ground. Built from recycled and recyclable raw materials, it will be equipped with panels and geothermal systems.
    A rainwater recovery system will be used for the e-bus wash system, thus reducing water consumption by 30%.
  • 350 square metres of green wall covering the facade of one of our depots, contributing to the saving of energy and the absorption of CO2.
    The project has been carried out in strict collaboration with the Municipality as well as the district associations.
  • 330 trees planted in approx. 1,700 square metres in another depot. Protection of soil and hydrogeological structure, conservation of biodiversity, improvement of air quality and absorption of carbon dioxide are the expected benefits.
ATM Urban transformation

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