ATM France announces its participation in tenders for Metro Line 18 and several bus lines in the Petite Couronne area

Metro Line 18

March 14, 2024

ATM France announces its participation in the tender for the management of line 18 of the Grand Paris Express automated metro with Egis, a French leader in engineering and transport infrastructure management. The group has also submitted its offer for the management of several bus lines in the Petite Couronne area.

The ATM Group has extensive experience and expertise in managing integrated mobility systems, making it one of the most significant players in the public transport sector. The ATM Group is aimed to contribute to improving the quality and reliability of mobility services in Île-de-France by leveraging its experience.

Over the years, the ATM Group has gained international recognition for its management of automated metros: since 2008 in Copenhagen with lines 1 and 2, and later 3 and 4 of the Cityring; since 2013 in Milan with the driverless M5 metro, later with the M4, and now in Greece with the management of the country's first automated metro in the city of Thessaloniki.

The group's expertise covers the entire value chain of mobility services with various modes of transport: automated metros, traditional metros, buses, trolleybuses, trams, shared bikes, and funiculars. In Milan, ATM manages 5 metro lines including 2 automated ones, 160 bus lines, 4 trolleybus lines, and 17 tram lines.

The interest in the French market aligns with the group's international perspective of geographic expansion to provide its experience and contribute to the future of mobility in Île-de-France with an increasingly integrated public transport service across the entire territory.

Arrigo Giana, CEO of the ATM Group, said, "We want to leverage our experience gained over the years in Italy, Denmark, and Greece to help develop a new, more efficient, reliable, and sustainable transport service for Île-de-France residents. Above all, we want to enhance the travel experience of citizens with a service that maximizes the integration of different modes of transportation and meets the real needs of our future customers."

Giuseppe Proto, Director of ATM France, stated, "We aim to contribute to the transformation of one of the world's densest and most complex transport systems and support Île-de-France in developing a technologically advanced mobility and transport network that connects cities to people."

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